Courthouse Weddings Independence, Missouri

Truman Memorial Building
416 W Maple Ave‎ Independence, MO 64050

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Weddings are performed at the Truman Memorial Building in Independence, Missouri. This is the facility located at Maple and Pleasant Streets (416 W. Maple), one block south of Truman Road. Please use the Pleasant St. entrance for weddings.

Ceremonies, either civil or religious, are scheduled on Friday and Saturday afternoons by appointment. These are private ceremonies limited to 12 guests plus the bride and groom. The fee for this service is $75. All couples with a valid Missouri marriage license are welcomed.

Because it is necessary that weddings begin on time, you may wish to drive by the building before your wedding. Call (816) 753-3886 if you have questions.


Officiant Qualifications & Information on Clergy Services

Clergy Services of Greater Kansas City is an association of ordained ministers that has coordinated weddings for the Jackson County Department of Records in Independence since 1984. Over 17,500 couples have been married in Independence during this 30-year period. Primary clergy officiating at the Truman Memorial Building weddings are Rev. Elizabeth Coleman and Dr. Roger Coleman.

Rev. Coleman is a graduate of St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City. She was ordained in 1987 by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and for many years was the director of United Campus Ministries at the University of Missouri/Kansas City. Dr. Coleman is also ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and attended the University of Missouri/Columbia and St. Paul School of Theology. He is now chaplain of the historic Pilgrim Chapel in Kansas City, Missouri.

Elizabeth and Roger Coleman recently celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. They know weddings and marriage inside and out.


Truman Memorial Building

The Truman Memorial Building is a beautifully renovated building that, since 1926, has hosted Presidents, national dignitaries and a long list of significant social events. It is now primarily an activity and event center. If you are planning a wedding reception you might wish to consider this reasonably priced facility. (For information about receptions, call (816) 325-7843 or visit


Arrival Time

Couples and their guests should arrive 15 minutes early so that the officiant can review the ceremony with them.



If your plans change and you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by calling (816) 753-3886. Because time is limited this consideration will allow other couples an opportunity to use the Truman Building for their wedding.



There is free parking in the parking lot at Truman Rd. and Pleasant St. next to the Truman Building. Again, please use the Pleasant St. entrance. This entrance is handicap accessible.


Restrictions on Courthouse Weddings

Wedding ceremonies at the Truman Building are provided in cooperation with the City of Independence and the Jackson County Department of Records. To continue use of this historic facility it is important that the following be observed:

  • The wedding party should be limited to no more than 12 guests plus the bride and groom. Witnesses are available if you do not bring guests. Children count as guests.
  • Rice, birdseed, etc. cannot be thrown on the Truman Building property.
  • Music during the ceremony, decorating of the room and lighting of candles are not permitted. The wedding party may carry or wear flowers if desired.
  • Food and beverages cannot be brought into the building.



The minimum fee for the wedding service is $75.00 This may be paid by cash, check or credit card. The fee should be given to the minister following the ceremony. Couples may give more if they wish.


The Family Medallion®

Clergy Services has special resources for including children of the bride and/or groom in the wedding. This includes The Family Medallion® presentation. The Family Medallion® is an attractive keepsake pendant presented to children during the ceremony to acknowledge their importance in the family. Please call (816) 753-3886 if you wish to include The Family Medallion® presentation to your children so that we might have them ready for you.



There is no dress code. Wear what you will be comfortable in or would like to be photographed in. Because facilities are limited, it is difficult to dress at the Truman Memorial Building. Please arrive in the clothing you plan to wear during the ceremony.


Other Wedding Locations

If you choose not to be married at the courthouse, either because your wedding party is too large or because you would like a different setting, Clergy Services can recommend other locations or provide a minister for the place of your choice.


Civil Ceremonies and Other Traditions

Normally, the wedding ceremony includes a prayer and a blessing. If you would prefer a civil ceremony with these items removed, please let us know by calling (816) 753-3886.